Speaking and Presenting

Would you like to book an engaging speaker who leaves your audience feeling ‘inspired’, ‘empowered’ and ‘moved’ to take their business and life forward?

Being a professionally accredited speaker with over 20 years’ experience in speaking services to various audiences, I have learnt that there is a definite ART to speaking on stage. It’s not just about being confident, remembering your content or knowing how to present. It requires a deep and authentic connection with your audience.

A connection, which I believe only comes from aligning yourself to serve the people you were put on this earth to support. And that’s why, I often hear my audience say – ‘It felt like you were talking just to me’, ‘I was touched by your vulnerability’, ‘I was so inspired by your story’.

So, if you want your audience to be thanking you for booking one of ‘the best’ speakers they’ve seen, contact me for a chat.

Here is some feedback from recent event organisers

“Sarbjit is not your average business coach.

She spoke at one of my NatWest Women in Business events recently. Sarbjit is personable, dedicated and inspiring. With experience and credibility. She uses proven models to help women reach their full potential. I really look forward to working with Sarbjit in the future”.

Amanda Shovelton
Female Business Growth Enabler

Speaking services
Speaking services

“As a speaker, Sarbjit’s connection with women, content and delivery of her knowledge is beyond a standard of excellence.

In partnership with SOAS’s Leading Women in Business Society, Sarbjit led a session to help Women Entrepreneurs Grow their businesses. Sarbjit is definitely an invaluable asset with her insights and guidance to women entrepreneurs.”

Haya Alshihabi
Founder of Leading Women in Business
SOAS University of London

““Sarbjit is a MUST-see speaker.

Totally inspired by her story telling today at the Sister Sister Network”.

Mark Francis
Head of Learning at The Uspire Group

“Sarbjit gave some excellent advice in her talk on ‘How to Grow Your Coaching Business’ to our members.

Sarbjit was warm and friendly and took the time to answer lots of questions from the group. She was well prepared, and everyone found it very interesting and thought provoking.”

Rosie Nice
Training & Coaching Consultancy