Scale Your Company

Who You Are…
You’re a female entrepreneur, running solely or in partnership, an already established and successful company turning over at least £250,000 per year.

You’re dealing with multiple challenges from lack of time, limited resources, staff/team issues, how to generate more sales, improve cash and perhaps even how to step back or out of your company.

What You’re Looking For…
A business coach who has a proven track record for helping small and multinational companies to progress and expand.

A flexible person, who can work easily with you and your teams to combine her strategic outlook, eye for detail and finance background to ensure you scale profitably and quickly.

An authentic person, who combines a proven Strategy, with Mindset Coaching and Effective Execution methods to help you get better results, in less time and with less stress.

A dynamic coach who can offer you face to face or online coaching designed around your time and preferences.

My Programmes

I only work with a small number of women to ensure that you get the time, attention and focus you need.
You have two ways of working with me to take your company to the next level:

Elevate VIP

What it is…

A BESPOKE, coaching programme to Elevate your company performance. A flexible programme that works with you (and your teams), to focus on your specific challenges whilst working in a way that suits your requirements.

Scale your company
Scale your company

Elevate Mastermind

Scale your company

What it is…

A small, close-knit, GROUP of selected female entrepreneurs coming together to support, challenge, troubleshoot and collaborate with each other. You will not only learn from best practices in other industries, but you will have a trusted network to help you raise your business and personal game.

How would it feel to?

  • Have complete confidence that you have selected the right path to progress your company.
  • Be laser-focused and super effective in all that you do.
  • Have a team that are engaged, inspired and ‘all pulling in the same direction’ in achieving the company vision.
  • Have diverse and sustainable income streams from multiple sources.
  • Have more time, energy and freedom to be with your family and do what you love.
  • Know that you have created multiple, high quality and value-added products/services that solve a real need/problem in the world.
  • Know that you have made a positive difference to the lives of many (your team, clients/customers etc).
  • Have more fulfilment and fun in your day to day work and personal life.
  • Have the option to step out of or step back from your business.

I will use my decades of experience as an accountant and business coach to give you (and your teams) the support, challenge, strategy and focus that is required to the create the company (and life) that fulfils your ultimate vision.

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“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive;
And to do so with some passion, compassion, humour and style.”